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Connect a Main Idea
Children learn a writing technique for organizing their ideas into an overarching main idea, which becomes foundational for pulling an entire story together. Working collaboratively, they write and sketch their interests on individual cards that they decorate as train cars. Collectively the group of children discusses which ideas could be combined with others and connected to create a main idea for their writing.
Team Doodle
Children identify some objects or experiences as they might evolve in the future. They doodle the outlines of their ideas based on observation, exploration, and imagination. They contribute individually to a collaborative art presentation, where they invite the audience to join the doodle experience. Through this experience they gain skill in using the arts elements of line, shape, color, and pattern to demonstrate a forward-thinking growth mindset, express their curiosity, and develop collaboration skills.
Forecasting the Future
The children in this video are challenged to forecast the future needs of their community to recommend features that will expand the reach and effectiveness of their current library into a futuristic Media Center. They demonstrate ways to conduct research, connect with community members and anticipate future needs. The children lead an exciting process for forecasting the future and designing a community learning hub.
The Power of Art to Persuade
Children will explore Artivism as the blend of art and activism. After researching examples of how images shifted public opinion, the children create posters, banners, and signs that make their personal passions public. They use visuals and crisp text to convey messages.
The Arts Communicate
In every community, individuals and families pass down their cultural heritage through fables and folktales, the stories that are timeless. In this video, children discover that the arts provide every culture ways to creatively communicate universal values and their community’s specific traditions.
Pieces of the Puzzle
Puzzles are favorite playful experiences for children, but beyond the fun and sense of accomplishment, they help children understand relationships between part and whole, and use evidence/clues to predict a whole visual scene. The process of creating and sharing puzzles demonstrated in this video can be used to help learners focus on any topic, category, or interest area.
Architects of The Future
Architects must think flexibly about the changing needs of school structures and students. In this video the focus will be on designing accessible, inclusive space that fosters future ready skills and behaviors: observation, collaboration, and reflection. Join a group of kids on their creative characters where they plan and then build a 3D model of a future-ready school.
Visuals Show Results
Leadership Mindsets lead people to deeper self and social awareness and responsible decision-making. Leaders who focus on people, culture, results and innovative thought inspire positive change and work effectively with others. This video shows how children can focus on four ways they can be leaders and graphically document their leadership strengths with art.
Many Ways to Measure Success
How do you measure success? In this video, children explore Results Leadership by creating a pictorial rubric that enables self-reflections about their collaboration and contributions to a project. The concepts can be applied to any project and help children move up the learning ladder, from beginning novice to striving for mastery. Join them as they discover the power of self-assessment and visualization, finding important ways to communicate their success.
Go For Gold
This child-led video focuses on Results Leadership and demonstrates how young children can manage a process for building self-awareness and self-agency to set and accomplish goals. This example focuses on children setting swimming goals and measuring their progress, but as they realize, the ideas here pertain to every aspect of life and learning.