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Victorian Literature
Exploring the diversity of Victorian Literature, we discover how authors like Charles Dickens, the Brontë Sisters and Lewis Carroll captured the ideals and issues of a rapidly industrializing society, weaving tales of innovation, societal norms and adventure in 19th Century England.
Newtown: A Crushing Defeat for the Iroquois
The Revolutionary War was never a simple story of Patriot vs Redcoat. Older nations with far deeper American roots were also caught up in the war. To secure their future, the nations of the Iroquois Confederacy had to choose a side – and in many ways, their long term fate was decided on the day of the Battle of Newtown.
The Sixth Amendment
The Sixth Amendment was designed to protect individuals accused or convicted of a crime. But how does it work in today's society?
Mark Twain
Known as the Father of American Literature, Mark Twain used satire and a sharp wit to explore and reveal the realities of US society in the 19th century. In doing so he developed an all-new “American style” of writing.
What is the Magna Carta?
It was written over 1,000 years ago, and commissioned by an English King – so what makes the Magna Carta one of the most important documents in US history?
Library of Congress
Home to millions of books and manuscripts, the Library of Congress is a hub of culture and knowledge, pioneering digital accessibility while safeguarding America's rich history.
Newburgh 1783: The Conspiracy That Threatened American Democracy
Having defeated the British, gaining its independence after eight bloody years of war, the great American experiment was almost taken over by a military coup before it had properly begun. Yet again, it was George Washington who stepped in – not to win a war this time, but to quell a mutiny.
Courage: Elizabeth Eckford
Elizabeth Eckford's lone walk to Little Rock High School, amid fierce protests, became a symbol of courage in the fight against racial segregation.
Changunak Antisarlook: The Reindeer Queen
She was known as the Reindeer Queen – and one of the richest women in Alaska. So how did Changunak Antisarlook use her remarkable wealth to benefit the Inupiat community?
Civil War Female Spies
In a world traditionally dominated by men, female spies took advantage of gender stereotypes to go unnoticed and gather information during the U.S. Civil War.
James Lafayette: Revolutionary Spy
Born enslaved, James Lafayette became one of the most important Patriot spies of the American Revolution, helping to gather vital information on the British Army. His work helped the United States secure independence.
The Rocket
From ancient Chinese fireworks to the visionary breakthroughs of scientists like Robert Goddard and Wernher von Braun, the remarkable evolution of rockets had an extraordinary impact on space exploration and propelled humanity towards the stars.
The Battle of the Chesapeake
The Battle of the Chesapeake was a fiercely fought sea battle between the British and French Navies. At stake wasn’t just control of the Chesapeake Bay, but the fate of the British Southern Campaign and the entire Revolutionary War.
The 1920s
This is a timeline of the Roaring Twenties - a decade of unrivaled optimism and plenty, as many Americans – flush with cash – luxuriated in new sights, sounds and ways of life. But all came to an end as the economic boom turned to bust.
Winston Churchill
One of the finest leaders of his generation, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s inspirational speeches – and steadfast self-confidence – helped rouse a nation to war and ultimately save the world from the destructive forces of Fascism.
Who was Benjamin Franklin?
Benjamin Franklin wasn't just a founder of the United States, he was also a writer, inventor, scientist, statesman, and a huge celebrity in the thirteen colonies.
What is the English Bill of Rights?
The English Bill of Rights curbed the power and influence of the English monarchy and gave more power to their subjects. It’s the basis for the rights and freedoms we enjoy today.
Whose portrait went viral in the 1800s?
In the 1800s, abolitionist Frederick Douglass made it his mission to become the most photographed man in America. So how did his image change the country? David Rubenstein investigates in a fact-filled history minute.
What’s hidden at the foot of the Statue of Liberty?
A gift from France to the United States, the Statue of Liberty is bursting with symbolism. But why are there chains at Lady Liberty’s feet? David Rubenstein answers that question in a fact-filled history minute.