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Independence Day

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The Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence was the first ever document to cement equality into the founding principles of a nation. It helped to bring the colonies together during a national crisis, but it was by no means perfect.
Independence Hall: The Birthplace of America
Pennsylvania’s State House in Philadelphia, has hosted some of the most important moments in US history. But for a time it threatened to fall into disrepair - until America’s favorite fighting Frenchman gave it a new nickname…
Why did the Colonies Declare Independence?
In the late 1770s, U.S. patriots banded together to declare independence from Great Britain. But why did they want their independence and what kind of country did they want the United States to be?
How did a statue help win the fight for independence?
It was erected in New York as a symbol of English King George III’s grip on the North American colonies. So how did a metal statue help American Patriots win the Revolutionary War? David Rubenstein answers that question in a fact-filled history minute.
The War of Independence: The Minorities who Fought for Freedom
The American Revolutionary War defined our Country, with Black and Native American soldiers playing a key role.
Peter Harris: The Catawba Who Fought For Independence
The American Revolution was a war that involved many different people and forced Native Americans to choose sides, like Continental Army hero, Peter Harris.
The Founding Fathers: Who Were They Really?
The Founding Fathers were American patriots who helped create a nation, but there are some things you might not know about them...
Revolutionary Weather
During the American Revolutionary War, the weather wasn’t just a background to events. It was a force that often overturned well laid plans and ultimately shaped the course of the war.
Who was George Washington?
The story of George Washington’s life and legacy as father of our country.
The Birth of the United States
This is a timeline of the American Revolution, depicting events from the first sparks of revolt in 1770, to the first presidency in 1789. This was a period of intense conflict between the colonists of the Thirteen Colonies, and their British rulers, which ultimately led to the creation of a new nation: the United States of America.
What is the 4th of July?
Independence Day takes place every year on the 4th of July. It celebrates the day that the Founders of the United States declared their independence from Great Britain.