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Irish-American Heritage Month

A celebration of the achievements and contributions of Irish immigrants and their descendants living in the United States.

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Where You Live: Ireland
Irealnd is a beautiful country with many amzing sights, situated on the western most edge of Europe
Irish Charities
Irish charities do a lot of good work in the community with the homeless, elderly, animals, children and other people in need
The Irish Coast Guard
The Coast Guard is responsible for maritime emergencies.
Birds, Animals and Materials on Irish Beaches
There are many interesting kinds of birds, animals and materials on the beaches around Ireland
Life in the Past : Baking in an Old Irish Kitchen
In times gone by people used to bake their bread on an open fire
Country Music of Kentucky
This is the story of Route 23, known as the Country Music Highway that stretches across Eastern Kentucky, the home of some of America's greatest Country Music stars
What’s It Like to Be a Combination of Different Cultures?
Certain things shape our cultural identity and impact the way in which we communicate with each other; such as location, nationality, and age. How would you define your combination of cultures?
Maria Tallchief: America's First Prima Ballerina
In a world dominated by mainly caucasian dancers, Native American Maria Tallchief overcame discrimination to become the United States’ first prima ballerina.