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President's Day

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Opening the Oval with David Rubenstein: Presidential Leadership
In this episode, David Rubenstein explores Presidential Leadership with historian Douglas Brinkley and journalist Jia Lynn Yang.
John Adams: The President Who Defended the Redcoats
He was a fierce patriot and Founding Father – so why did John Adams defend British soldiers accused of murder following the Boston Massacre of 1770?
Victoria Woodhull: The First Woman To Run for President
Victoria Woodhull ran for President of the United States before most American women were even allowed to vote.
“You're Fired!” How To Get Rid Of The President
Impeachment is the process of removing the President from office. But what does it really take to get fired as Commander-in-Chief?
Teddy Roosevelt: One of the Toughest Presidents
When you think of American tough guys, who springs to mind? Probably not the President. But two-term Commander-in-Chief Teddy Roosevelt was hard as nails.
Opening the Oval with David Rubenstein: Presidential Power in Wartime
In this episode, David Rubenstein explores Presidential Power in Wartime with historian Michael Beschloss and documentary filmmaker Ken Burns.
America's First President: Setting Precedents
Did you know that George Washington didn’t want to become the first US President? Despite his reluctance, he set many precedents which remain pillars of the office today.
Shots Fired! Why Being President is a Deadly Job
Of all the Presidents who have held office since the foundation of the United States, four were gunned down by assassins. This is their story.
The Unusual Presidency of William Taft
One-term Presidents are often overlooked – but what makes William Taft’s time in office memorable is the fact that it was defined by a series of unusual firsts.
The White House
The White House is perhaps the most iconic work of architecture in America - learn how it's design and style represents power, democracy and liberty.
Opening the Oval with David Rubenstein: Lincoln and Emancipation
In this episode, David Rubenstein explores the story of Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation with historians H.W. Brands, Eric Foner, David W. Blight, and Drew Gilpin Faust.
Get Schooled! How the Electoral College Works
It's a system that's unique to the United States of American – but exactly is the electoral college, how does it work and what part does it play in our democracy? Discover more about the group of "electors" who have the final say.
America's Two-Party System
The United States is essentially a two-party system, unlike other democracies around the world where people can vote for political parties representing many different interests. Is that a good or a bad thing?
The Bill of Rights: Cornerstone of US Society?
Written by Founding Father James Madison in 1789, The Bill of Rights makes up the first ten amendments to the US Constitution. Many people still consider the Bill of Rights to be the cornerstone of our society, but not everyone agrees.
Elections in the United States
How do elections actually work?
Invoking The 25th Amendment
What happens when the President is no longer able to perform their duties? That’s when the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution comes into play.
George W. Bush: After September 11
In the wake of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil in history, President George W. Bush delivers a much anticipated speech to a Joint Session of Congress, outlining America’s reaction to the unprecedented atrocity.
Ronald Reagan: Tear Down This Wall
On June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan delivers a speech to the people of West Berlin, calling upon the Soviet Union to tear down the wall that divides the city.
The Swivel Chair: How Thomas Jefferson Innovated the Office Chair
Thomas Jefferson’s words helped found a nation. But did you know that he also invented the modern day swivel chair?
Ulysess S Grant: Profile of a Leader
In 2020, a statue of former US President Ulysses S Grant was toppled by Black Lives Matter protesters. A Civil War hero who helped bring about an end to slavery, he was a controversial figure too.
The US Constitution
We all know what the US Constitution is – but do you know its origins story? Let’s delve into history and discover more about the most document in US history.
Dolley Madison: The First First Lady
As the host of unrivaled skill, First Lady Dolley Madison brought the US political elite together by throwing the best parties Washington, D.C., had ever seen.
The Founding Fathers: Who Were They Really?
The Founding Fathers were American patriots who helped create a nation, but there are some things you might not know about them...
Opening the Oval with David Rubenstein: The Role of First Ladies
In this episode, David Rubenstein explores the role of First Ladies in the White House with historian Annette Gordon-Reed and journalists Jonathan Alter and the late Cokie Roberts.
Abraham Lincoln's Top Hat
The 16th President of the United States of America is recognisable for many things – his distinctive beard, his height, his black bow tie – but it's the impressive stove hat that he bought in Washington, DC that became his enduring trademark.