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White House

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The White House
The White House is perhaps the most iconic work of architecture in America - learn how it's design and style represents power, democracy and liberty.
The Swivel Chair: How Thomas Jefferson Innovated the Office Chair
Thomas Jefferson’s words helped found a nation. But did you know that he also invented the modern day swivel chair?
The Moscow-Washington Hotline: Avoiding Nuclear War with Russia
In 1962, the Moscow-Washington Hotline was established as a quick and accurate means of communication between two of the world's greatest superpowers. Since then, the technology used to facilitate this line of communication has changed over time.
Abraham Lincoln's Top Hat
The 16th President of the United States of America is recognisable for many things – his distinctive beard, his height, his black bow tie – but it's the impressive stove hat that he bought in Washington, DC that became his enduring trademark.
Chapstick Spy Devices and the Role they Played in Watergate
21st century spies have some serious tech at their disposal but back in the 1970s, things were a little more DIY. This is the story of a spy device disguised as chapstick tubes that played a key part in America’s most infamous burglary, Watergate.
Dolley Madison: The First First Lady
As the host of unrivaled skill, First Lady Dolley Madison brought the US political elite together by throwing the best parties Washington, D.C., had ever seen.
Mary McLeod Bethune: Fighting for Equality in the Classroom and Beyond
Mary McLeod Bethune, an influential educator activist, recognized that going to school could be a form of activism. Her groundbreaking work helped change America for the better.
Ethel Payne: First Lady of the Black Press
As the First Lady of the Black Press, Ethel Payne wielded her first amendment right to ask the tough questions and hold those in power to account.
Victoria Woodhull: Fighting for Women's Rights
At a time when women were expected to know their place, activist and businessperson Victoria Woodhull blazed a trail as a fierce advocate for women's suffrage and empowerment.
How Teddy Roosevelt Saved Football
It’s America’s national sport – but when football almost came to a crashing halt following the deaths of 19 players in 1905, US President Theodore Roosevelt made a decisive play.
Teddy Roosevelt: One of the Toughest Presidents
When you think of American tough guys, who springs to mind? Probably not the President. But two-term Commander-in-Chief Teddy Roosevelt was hard as nails.
Emancipation Proclamation Exposed
The Emancipation Proclamation is one of the most important and misunderstood documents in US history. So, what did it actually proclaim?
Shots Fired! Why Being President is a Deadly Job
Of all the Presidents who have held office since the foundation of the United States, four were gunned down by assassins. This is their story.
Ulysess S Grant: Profile of a Leader
In 2020, a statue of former US President Ulysses S Grant was toppled by Black Lives Matter protesters. A Civil War hero who helped bring about an end to slavery, he was a controversial figure too.
The Gettysburg Address: The Two-Minute Speech That Saved America
It’s got fewer words than the average rap song, and takes less time to read than it does to boil an egg. So how did the Gettysburg Address inspire a global movement for democratic change that’s still shaping our lives today?
Horse-Riding Librarians
The Pack Horse Library Initiative saw hundreds of female librarians cross the Appalachian Mountains to deliver books to those in need.
George W. Bush: After September 11
In the wake of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil in history, President George W. Bush delivers a much anticipated speech to a Joint Session of Congress, outlining America’s reaction to the unprecedented atrocity.
Ronald Reagan: Tear Down This Wall
On June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan delivers a speech to the people of West Berlin, calling upon the Soviet Union to tear down the wall that divides the city.
Executive Order
What actual powers does the President have? Well, as it turns out – a lot. Including the power to make new orders at the stroke of a pen.
Vice President
POTUS gets the big house, the fancy cars, and all the attention. But there’s someone in the background who deserves respect. Let’s give it up for the VP!
President's Cabinet
The President’s Cabinet is made up of the most important people in the Executive Branch of government. But who are they and what are their roles?
The Presidential Veto
One of the most powerful tools the President of the United States has is the veto - but what is it and how has it evolved over time?
Oath of Office
Promises might just seem like words, but in the legal system and government, they’re crucial. Oath of Office is part of a tradition that dates back hundreds of years.