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Let's Discover

From science to geography, Let's Discover explores the fascinating world we live in for a primary / elementary audience.

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Climate Change
Our planet is heating up and it is having an impact on climates all around the world. Let's take a look at some of the reasons for this.
What exactly is a volcano and where in Ireland can you find an extinct one?
A Visit to Mexico City
Mexico City is not your typical city. It’s time to explain.
Types of Rocks
They might all look the same, but rocks are always. These changes happen slowly over millions of years. But why is that? And how are they formed?
Let's Go Fly a Kite
Making and flying your own kite can be lots of fun on a windy day, remember to ask an adult for help if you need it
World Heritage Sites
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) identifies landmarks or areas around the world that have cultural, historical or scientific significance. Here are a just a few.
Vasco Da Gama
Vasco da Gama was born in the 1460s in Sines on the south-west of Portugal. Find out all about his life and achievements.
Staying Safe with Electricity
Understanding electricity and staying safe with it is important in the home, at school and in the workplace.
Filtering Water
Drinking clean water is important for health and wellbeing, it's sometimes necessary to use a filtration system to filter dirty water into clean
Minding Our Planet
If no one bothered to care for our environment, our world would be a very different place. Let's look at some small changes that can make a big difference to our world.
Romulus and Remus
The story of Romulus and Remus is one of the most famous in Roman mythology.
Lighting a Paraffin Lamp
Lighting a paraffin lamp is an old fashioned way to bring some light into the darkness
Life in the Past : Baking in an Old Irish Kitchen
In times gone by people used to bake their bread on an open fire
Birds, Animals and Materials on Irish Beaches
There are many interesting kinds of birds, animals and materials on the beaches around Ireland
Farming Potatoes in the Past
Potato farming has been going on in Ireland for many years, in the past it was done by hand and now it is a mechanised process.
Working at Dublin Airport
Dublin Airport is a busy place where lots of people work at different important jobs.
World War 1
How did World War 1 begin? Who were the Allies and what countries made up the Central Powers? Let's find out.
Growing a Seed
Planting seeds and watching them grow is a facinating way to understand the world around us
The Bronze Age
What was the Bronze Age and when did it begin? Let's find out.
Life in Ancient Japan
Discover all about the first settlers in Japan and what life was like during this period.
Unusual Environments
Planet Earth is an amazing place. It’s home to lots of unusual environments. Let’s take a look!
Journey with us to Norway, where we learn all about this amazing country.
Outer Space
Have you ever looked at the sky at night and wondered, ‘Is there life on other planets?'
North America
It is the third largest continent, after Asia and Africa. But how much do you know about North America?
History of Air Travel
Let’s take a flight through aviation history.
Irish Charities
Irish charities do a lot of good work in the community with the homeless, elderly, animals, children and other people in need
The rubbish that we throw away often makes its way into the sea – but by reducing, reusing and recycling our rubbish, we can help to protect all sorts of plant and animal life.
The First Moon Landing
Neil Armstrong and Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin were the first people to walk on the moon but they didn't get there alone.
The Story of Turf Long Ago
People in Ireland have been cutting turf and burning peat for a long time.
What Is Global Warming?
The temperature on earth is increasing due to human activity.
Turf Cutting: Past and Present
People have been cutting peat for heating for many years and the process has changes a lot over the years
Natural Disasters.
Natural disasters happen in countries around the world all the time, global warming is causing these disasters to happen more often
Catching a Flight at the Airport
The Airport is where people go to catch a flight on an aeroplane.
Staple Food & Main Crops
The surface of the Earth is covered with different habitats that have been created by their climates and locations.
French Revolution
Let's take a trip back in time and learn all about the French revolution.
Where You Live: Ireland
Irealnd is a beautiful country with many amzing sights, situated on the western most edge of Europe
People Who Travel to Help Others
Many different jobs involve travelling to help others, Healthcare Visitor, Veterinarian and Ambulance driver are some important ones
10 Facts About Italy
Here are 10 amazing facts about Italy that you may not know.
Earthquakes or Hurricanes
The Earth has a lot of activity: both under the ground and in its atmosphere. This activity can lead to extreme weather conditions. Let's find out more.
The History of Agriculture
Who was responsible for the three F's of Farming and what impact did this have on agriculture?
Our ancestors predicted the weather by looking at the sky, and observing how animals behaved. Let's have a look at how things have changed since then, thanks to modern technology.
From Farm to Fork
We enjoy thousands of foods and flavours every day and almost all of them come from a farm. Learn more about the journey from farm to fork.
History Before Humans
History is the story of everything that has happened in the past. Let's journey back in time and take a look at what life was like before humans.
Water is essential for life on Earth. Why is it so important and where does it come from? Let's find out.
Extreme Weather and Climate Change
Is the world slowly getting warmer and warmer? Climates are changing – and extreme weather is more common than you think!
Wired to Wireless – Morse Code
Today, the telephone has become central to our lives. It has changed the way we communicate. But where did it all begin?
The Sun in Space
The Sun is a star made of gas at the centre of our solar system
Day and Night in Antarctica
Antarctica is a fascinating cold continent inhabited by seals, penguins and other wild life at the South Pole
Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. He lived an extraordinary life of danger, passion and advances in the field of aeronautics
Moore Street
Moore Street is a historic and traditional market in Dublin
The Dawn Chorus
Birds sing as the day breaks for all sorts of different reasons, their songs together are called The Dawn Chorus
Climate Change: Melting Ice and Rising Seas
Climate change is causing the ice at the North and South Poles to melt and sea levels to rise.
Learn all about Germany's capital, Berlin.
Plate Tectonics
What are plate tectonics and how do they change the surface of the Earth? Let's find out!
Everything you ever wanted to know about ice!
Natural Disasters
Let's learn more about natural disasters and how they occur.
Travel to Japan and learn all about this incredible country.
Hidden People of Iceland
Learn all about elves, the hidden people of Iceland.
The Story of Rain
The water cycle is one of the important systems which affects everything on earth
Amazon River
Have you ever wondered how and where a river begins?
Modern transport allows people to travel all over the world. Take a look at some of the different ways in which you can travel.
Our Solar System
Blast off into space and learn more about our solar system.
Ancient Egypt
Find out what made the Ancient Egyptian civilisation one of the most interesting and vibrant civilisations in human history.
Travel and Transport
Track the history of transport and travel from the invention of the wheel through to modern air travel.
Trees and Forests
Did you know that trees are the oldest living things on planet Earth?
The Inca Civilisation
The Inca civilisation was one of largest civilisation in the world! But how much do you know about it?
Mapping World History
Maps can be a very interesting way of looking at history and the changes that happened over time. There are many reasons why these changes happen.
Changing Clothes
Take a look at fashion throughout the centuries.
World Climate
Different parts of the world have different climates. Let’s look at what causes them.
Landmarks and Places that Stand Out
Here are a selection of world-famous landmarks, natural and some man made.
Our Place in Space
Travel through space and learn more about our solar system.
La Belle France
Take a trip through France and learn all about this beautiful country.
Inspirational Women of the 20th Century
Let’s meet some of the many women who have left a lasting impression on the past century.
Planet Earth
Planet earth is where we live, the surface is covered in land and sea.
Hedgehogs hibernate through the winter and wake again in springtime
Sea Pollution
Plastics, chemicals and other waste is making it's way into our rivers and oceans causing pollution
The Human Lifecycle
The human lifecycle is from birth to death and covers everything in-between
The History of Writing
Humans have been writing for thousands of years, the shape and method people used has changed many ways over the years
Bees fly from flower to flower taking and dropping pollen as they go
Weather in Other Countries
The weather in other countries and during other seasons can be very different but people in those places make the most of it.
All About Bees
Bees are yellow and black insects which have two wings and six legs who fly from flower to flower collecting pollen to make honey
Making Bales
Making bales of hay is an important part of farming and it involves all sorts of interesting processes and machines
The Irish Coast Guard
The Coast Guard is responsible for maritime emergencies.
The Maori
The Māori are the indigenous people of New Zealand.
Our Solar System.
Our Solar System is the name for our sun and the planets in orbit around it.
Carving a Pumpkin
Carving a pumpkin for Haloween takes, planning, skill and the right tools for the job
Day and Night
The movement of the earth spining around the sun creates day and night where you are
What is Fairtrade?
What is fairtrade? And how does it benefit our society? Let's find out.
What are three R's of recycling and why are they so important?
Feast and Festivals: Halloween
It's the spookiest holiday of the year and celebrated throughout the world, but how did it begin?
Welcome to Brazil – the fifth biggest country in the world.
Ancient Greece
Take a trip back in time to Ancient Greece and learn about life in Athens and Sparta.
Space Race
Who will be the first to send a human into space? Who will be the first to walk in space? And, most importantly, who will be the first to walk on the moon?
The World’s Seas & Oceans
Let's take a closer look at the world's seas and oceans.
Take a look at some examples of habitats that can be found around the world.
The American Revolution
The American Revolution was a war between American Patriots and their British rulers. Find out how it began and how it resulted in the foundation of the United States of America.
Martin Luther King Junior
Let's take a look at Martin Luther King Junior’s tireless work in the peaceful fight for justice.
Musical Instruments
There are many different and amazing types of musical instruments which are suited to different types of music from classical to digital
The History of Music Players
Recording and playing back music has changed in many interesting ways through the years
Wind Turbines
Wind turbines convert wind into electricity
Planet Life
Planet Earth is home to a huge and diverse range of life
All About Electricity
Electricity can be a fantastic help but it can also be very dangerous
Climate Activists
Climate activists do all sorts of different activities to support the environment
Biodiversity is name for the variety of life on earth
The Emergency Services
The Emergency services are the Coast Guard, the Fire Brigade, The RNLI Lifeboat Service and The Ambulance Service.
Farming: Past and Present
People have been farming for thousands of years, the process has changed a lot over the years
The Wright Brothers
The Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilber were the first to fly a motor operated plane.
The Hot Air Balloon
Hot air balloons have a fascinating history and important place in the history of flight.
The Human Landscape
Learn how our natural landscape has been modified by human activities.
The European Union
How was the European Union formed and how does it benefit its members?
Every day, the surface of the Earth is worn away by natural forces such as the weather and waves.
Making Land out of Water
How is land formed on water? Let's find out.
Invasive Species and Unwelcome Guests
Over millions of years, plants and animals have evolved to suit the environment or habitat in which they live.