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Innovation/ Entrepreneurs

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Physical and Digital Designing with Karishma Kusurkar
With over a decade of design experience, Karishma Kusurkar talks to us about her multidisciplinary design techniques and principles.
Pathways into Design and the Rule of Thirds with David Pugh
With 15 years of commercial Graphic Design experience, owner and entrepreneur, David Pugh, takes us through the design principles and rule of thirds in Graphic Design.
Music Producing with Gary Curran
Garry Curran talks to us about what it requires to be a music producer and what the world of music producing looks like.
Visual Art and Photography with Tyrone Williams
Photographer and Visual Artist Tyrone Williams discusses what he does on a daily basis and how he captures various art around him with a camera.
Ever wondered what it's like being an Art Director for a Global Tech Firm? Let's join Peet Lee to see what it takes!
Peet Lee who is Art Director at global technology firm Unity Technologies gives the inside track on how he made it up the career ladder and into his current role
Ever wondered what it's like being a Technical Evangelist for a Global Tech Firm? Let's join Liz Mercuri to see what it takes!
A Technical Evangelist is constantly learning and presenting information passionately to a large room of people a, whilst constantly learning. Somewhat of a globetrotter, Liz Mecuri highlights the fact that most business travel is not glamourous at all!
Being an Associate Producer for a Global Tech Firm
Kat Wooley talks about her role as an Associate Producer in the content team at one of the world's leading tech firms.
Ever wondered what it's like being a Technical Accounts Manager for a Global Tech Firm? Let's join Ciaran O’Connor to see what it takes!
Ciaran O'Connor talks about his passion for video gaming which has led to his role as a Technical Account Manager with a global tech firm
Skills On Your Doorstep
As a young person, finding a route into your chosen career isn’t always easy. Not all schools offer classes your interested in; but sometimes, the skills that you need to succeed in the workplace can be learned closer to home.
How to Set Goals
To recognise the importance of setting goals in entrepreneurship and be able to set SMART goals that align with the overall entrepreneurial mission is essential for any successful business.
How to Make Strategic Decisions
Identifying key characteristics to become an assertive decision-maker and recognizing the steps required to make decisions more assertively is essential to succeed in business. This film explores what qualities you need to require to become a successful entrepreneur.
Future of Work
Exploring the potential jobs of the future and what factors will impact them.
Pathways: Blockchain
Kevin Gannon, a Blockchain Technician, takes us through his role at PwC with animations explaining the Blockchain process.
Pathways: School Leaver
Adam Wilkinson discusses making the leap directly from school into PwC and gives an insight to his role there.
Skills of the Future
An insight into the skills that will be needed for the jobs of the future.
Ever wondered what it’s like being a Drone Pilot for a software management company? Let’s join Ciaran McAllister to see what it takes!
Drone pilot Ciaran McAllister talks about the work he does at Plotbox, a software management company that uses digital technology to plot cemeteries.
Ever wondered what it’s like being a Housekeeper and Receptionist at a boutique hostel? Let’s join Niamh to see what it takes!
Niamh, housekeeper and receptionist at Moville Boutique Hostel, gives an insight the skills needed to succeed in the hospitality industry
Owning your own Business in the Hospitality Sector
Cressida Canavan, owner of Movile Boutique Hostel, a family business, talks about her experiences of the hospitality industry
Being a Chef
David Spence, chef at Hillstown Farm Shop, talks about how he helped grow the business and the benefits of working in the hospitality industry.
Ever wondered what it’s like working in Customer Operations at P&O Ferries? Let’s join Andrew O'Toole to see what it takes!
Andrew O'Toole, who works in Customer Operations at P&O Ferries, talks about his day-to-day responsibilities and what he enjoys about working with the public
Ever wondered what it’s like being an Environmental Engineer at Caterpillar NI? Let’s join Ruth Lyttle to see what it takes!
Environmental Engineer Ruth Lyttle talks about her work with Caterpillar NI, which involves minimising the environmental impact of manufacturing. She highlights the personal attributes that have helped her and shows how if at first you don't succeed, try and try again.
Ever wondered what it’s like being on the First Housing and #workitout programme? Let’s join Rebecca Bishop to see how she has gotten on!
Rebecca Bishop talks about her experiences with homelessness and how First Housing and the #WorkItOut programme provided the emotional and educational support she needed.
Being a Supervisor at a Boutique Hostel
Nicolle, Supervisor at Moville Boutique Hostel, talks about the things she's learned from working in the hospitality industry and her ambitions for the future.
Ever wondered what it’s like being on the #WorkItOut programme? Let’s join Agnes to see how she has gotten on!
Agnes discusses the support she's received from First Housing, a Derry-based charitable organisation that helps the homeless, and how their #WorkItOut programme provided a route into further education.
Being a Founder of your own Technology Services Firm
John Harkin founder of Alchemy Technology Services talks about how he got the idea for his business and how he built it into the powerhouse that it is today. He highlights the attributes that employees in his company must have
Critical Thinking as a Graduate at a Major International Bank
Claire Hills discusses the Graduate Programme at the Bank of Ireland and how having a Philosophy degree has developed her critical thinking and the ability to think in shades of grey.
Studying Level 2 Hair and Beauty
Interview with Tammie-Leigh, a hair and beauty student at the NWRC.
Studying for a Level 3 Diploma in Health Sciences
Matthew Rutherford discusses what it is like to study health studies at the North West Regional College.
Studying for a Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT
Ben Collins gives us a breakdown of the IT course on offer at the NWRC.
Studying Health Sciences at NWRC
Adam Meehan describes his time at the NWRC studying Health Science and his plans for the future.
Doing an HLA Foundation Degree in Mechatronic Engineering
Taylor Trouton gives us a first hand account of what it is like doing a HLA in Mechatronic Engineering at SERC.
Study for an HNC in Performing Arts at SERC
Pearce McFall gives us an insight into what it is like doing a HND performing Arts course at SERC.
Be on the Graduate Programme of a Major International Bank
Katie Moore discusses her career progression to becoming a Product Manager for the Bank of Ireland.
Being an Apprentice at one of the World's Biggest Accountancy Firms
Ella McCann discusses her apprenticeship for Deloitte on the Brightstart scheme. Having joined straight from school, she is enjoying the multitude of tasks she has to undertake and has lived in several locations since joining.
Study for HNC 4 in Photography?
An overview of the HNC Photography course at SERC with Farah Pourgholi. She thinks it gives a perfect grounding in a subject she is passionate about and will lead her to a career on advertising photography in California.
Being the Parent of Someone Studying at SERC
Jennifer McCormick gives us insight and advice into what it is like to be a parent to children at a college instead of university.
Doing a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sports
An overview of the Level 3 Extended Diploma Sports course at SERC with Charlotte Slater.
Studying Level 3 Engineering
North West Regional College student Bryan Smyth gives us an overview of the Engineering course.
Being an Aeronautical Engineer
A young student interviews Dr Declan Nolan, who is an Aeronautical Engineer.
Being a Games Designer
A young student interviews Ben Donaghue a Game Designer and creative director for Blackstaff Games.
Developing Emotional Intelligence
Developing our Emotional Intelligence can help us to become effective team members and succeed in the classroom and beyond. Explore several techniques to sharpen your skills.
My Future Self
Students will consider how knowledge about their personal strengths, interests and aspirations relate to where they might fit in an organisation (e.g. entrepreneur, boss, team member, assistant) and in the world. They’ll learn about how this might change over time and understand the factors that influence it.
Growth Mindset
Having talent will only get you so far, what individuals really need to succeed is a Growth Mindset. Developing a Growth Mindset through hard work, strategies and feedback from others, will take you much further in everything you do.
Vox Pops
Vox Pops from the staff at Liberty IT about working in IT, working in the company and how IT is changing and how work flows have changed to have the best communication between the team and their customers
Content Production with Aurore Dimopoulos
Ever wondered what it's like being a Content Team Producer for a Global Tech Firm? Let's join Aurore Dimopoulos to see what it takes!
Introduction and Overview
The software industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in every country. Find out how a career in this industry all but guarantees a job for the future and how it isn't all about your ability to code.
Setting Up a Careers Programme
Michelle Corkey, Principal of St. Ronan's College, Lurgan, explains how her school has developed its careers curriculum.
Strategic Development with Anita-Mai Goulding
With over 8 years experience in Experience Design and Content Management, Anita-Mai describes her journey into Strategic Management, providing useful tips and tricks to succeed within this industry.
Role of a Supervisor with Janean McCauley
With almost 5 years experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry, Janean McCauley discusses her career growth and her role now as a Supervisor at Northern Whig Bar and Restaurant.
Corporate Soliciting and Law with Ciara Burke
Ciara Burke discusses what being a Corporate Solicitor involves and how this fits into the industry of law.
Developing Her Company with Aoife Doherty
Aoife Doherty discusses her journey and insights as a self starting entrepreneur and how she developed and grew her own headwear company 'Sass & Halo'.
Building up a Company with Fergus and Scott
Environmentally-friendly and sustainability focussed entrepreneurs, Fergus and Scott, discuss their journey about setting up their company Revive, which uses coffee grounds to develop a range of high quality products and reduce wastage.
Failing Well
Understanding the benefits of deliberate practice. The more you code, and practice, the better you get.
Effective Questioning
Teachers will learn some effective questioning techniques to use in the classroom including Open, indirect and probing questions
Teachers are constantly asked to teach with new technologies where they may not be experts - the answer is to take on the role of coach.
Creative Problem Solving
Teachers will learn about different creative and visual ways of solving problems in a creative way.
How To Spring Clean Your Social Media
Learn how to tidy up your social media to impress employers and improve your prospects in the job market
How To Search For Jobs
Knowing where to start a job search can be daunting but this video provides tips and tricks on where to look and why
How To Identify Your Best Assets
Every job seeker is unique, including you! Learn how to identify the things that make you the perfect employee
How To Layout Your CV
Most employers require job applicants to provide a Curriculum Vitae, or CV, as part of their application and this video features tips and tricks on how to make yours stand out from the crowd
Growth Industries
Interview with Lee Panglea head of Scotland and Ireland CIPD which is a professional body for HR practitioners discussing growing industries and key skills needed for the future.
How To Craft A Cover Letter
A well-written cover letter can help you stand out from the crowd in a busy, competitive job market – this video features tips and tricks on how to craft yours
Making Meaning
Learn to understand Good vs Bad coding, and how to break it up, and mean something.
Recruitment Process: Importance of Perseverance
Andrew O'Toole, who works in Customer Operations at P&O Ferries, talks about the importance of perseverance when searching for a new job
Application Security Engineer with Allstate
An Application Security Engineer is one of the most vital roles within the Software Industry, they find flaws in your program's integrity before the hackers do.
Freelance Creating with Tony Moore
Tony Moore discusses his work and skills as both a Graphic Designer and Sign Painter. He outlines what type of work he produces and the clients he interacts with.
Architectural Design with Tom Cosgrove
Architectural design, drawing and understanding the context of the job is explained by Tom Cosgrove.
Student A interviews Karen Quinn, a Social Worker
With 15 years experience as a lawyer, Karen outlines her roll and skills as a Social Worker to our Student A.
How to Recognize Opportunities
Entrepreneurs don’t see problems instead they recognize them as opportunities to solve the problem by creating a new business idea. We explore how, as an entrepreneur, you can see those opportunities in business and turn problems into success.
Student Interview with Karen Quinn, Social Worker
With over 15 years law experience, Karen has moved into a Social Worker roll now and explains what is involved and the challenges and rewards she faces on a daily basis.
Product Manager, Kevin Doherty
Product Manager Kevin Doherty gives an insight to his work at Learning Pool and what it means to be a Product Manager.
How to negotiate
Negotiation is part of our everyday lives. But it’s also a part of business. Entrepreneurs negotiate with all kinds of people and this film teaches some of those essential business skills.
How to take calculated risks
If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to become comfortable with the concept of risk. We delve into growth mindsets and risk analysis to understand how risk is essential for a successful business.
Software Developing with Mark Graham
As a Software Developer, Mark Graham discusses his work at Learning Pool and his pathway to growing his career.
Fashion Textile Designer, Hope MaCaulay
Fashion Textile Designer Hope Macauley discusses running her own brand and how she broke into the industry, along with her pieces being shown at Graduate Fashion week and London Fashion week.
How to lead and influence others
As an aspiring entrepreneur, choosing whether you want to become a leader, an influencer, or both is important. This film teaches the importance of leadership in entrepreneurship and analyze ways to assert influence on others.
Pathways: Apprentice
Maisy Sinclair, a University student at Queens University, discusses her career progress in PwCs graduate programme.
Pathways: Student Recruitment
PwC's Hannah Jackson discusses her role working in Student Recruitment and gives an insight into PwC's recruitment process.
Benefits of Lifelong Learning
Learning doesn't stop when you leave school, fostering a lifelong learning culture is one of the most important skills for the 21st Century, especially as people are changing careers and jobs roles more frequently than ever before.
Aspiration and Ambition
Students will learn ways to think about and identify their aspirations, values and beliefs. They’ll understand how these are formed and change over time, and learn ways to harness them to be a better learner and to prepare themselves for the world of work.
UI Engineer
User Interface design is one of the most critical parts of creating a program. If you have it right, its a seamless; almost invisible way to navigate and present your program. Get it wrong and it's a frustrating experience for the user.
Digital Product Manager
Digital Product Managers oversee the entire lifecycle of a digital product, from inception to launch. Acting as a mediator between consumers and technical teams, to create new product features to design. So how do you embark on this career path?
Social Awareness
The ability to understand the perspective of and empathise with others from diverse backgrounds and cultures is such a vital life skill. Students need to understand social and ethical norms for behaviour which will help them thrive in future social settings both in the workplace and everyday life.
Mobile App Developer
A Mobile App Developer builds everything from a Fitness Tracker to a Banking App. Learn the soft and hard skills involved from an App Developer's own experience and why it's such an important job to consider a career in.
How To Help Students Prepare For Interviews
How to prepare students prepare for job interviews with these easy steps.
User Experience Design with Steven Shaw
Stephen Shaw teaches us on how he ensures apps, websites, virtual realities and digital products are made easier, better and delightful for interaction and human experience.
ID and Access Management
Companies have an obligation to protect your data and identity, this is where ID and Access Management Team play a role. From Passwords to Facial Recognition, find out what the job entails and how to access the career.
Scott Rosborough, Technical Analyst
Scott Rosborough of Alchemy Technical Services discusses his role as a Technical Analyst, how he got to being in this role and the skills required on an every day basis to perform his job.
Being a Technical Analyst with Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts of Alchemy Technical Services discusses what being a Technical Analyst is about and what skills are required to perform this role.
Project Manager Officer with Lauren Baker
Lauren Baker of Alchemy Technical Services discusses being a Project Manager Officer Analyst and how she became to working in this role as well as the skills she uses every day in the role.
Project Management Officer by Olivia Skuce
Olivia Skuce of Alchemy Technical Services discusses being a Project Manager Office Analyst, what this role entails and the skills required.
Self Awareness
Self awareness is an important life skill, understanding our own character, feelings, motives, and desires. Find out how it can help students in many aspects of their current and future lives, and learn practical ways to develop it themselves.
Allan Halsall, UTV's Business Development Manager
With over seven years in Marketing, Allan Halsall of UTV discusses Business Development managing in the television industry.
Software Developer
Software Developers are the creative minds behind all computer software, from creating an app on your phone to self driving cars. None of todays technology would be possible without developers lovingly coding each line.
Viewers will learn about grit and the importance of perseverance to fulfill talents. They will self-evaluate how the level of grit they are currently applying to their talents and identifying ways to further develop their grit attributes. Through the inquiry of an experienced adult, they will discover ways to apply grit into their daily life.
UX Product Designer
User Experience Designers must organise all the different factors that make a program, it's the seamless integration of Engineering, Marketing, Interface design and more; to create a total user experience that meets the exact needs of the customer.
Design Principles and Creativity with Nikki Hayes
With over 14 years experience in the Graphic Design industry, Nikki describes the design principles that allow her to be creative within a structured environment, providing clear and concise messaging.
User Experience Designing with Andrea Caporale
Andrea Caporale explains how creating and designing user experience products is important in ensuring a user-friendly and good experience.
Think Aloud
To understand what thinking aloud strategy is and how it can be used in technical coaching but in other disciplines
Technical Coach
In today’s tech world, everyone’s a coach; but what is a technical coach? This video will break down what a technical coach is and give practical examples to use the coaching technique in the classroom.
Peer Review
To understand what peer reviewing is and how it can be used in technical coaching but in other disciplines
Pathways: Forensic Tech
Natalie Hartin, a Forensic Technician at PwC, explains her job and possible careers in the industry.
Pathways: Financial Crime
PwC's Aoife Sheridan gives an insight to her role as Team Leader in Financial Crime.
Ski Instructing with Josh Nimmins
Ski Instructor Josh Nimmins gives an insight into his job and passions of skiing and geography.
Effective Listening
Teachers will learn about the Rubber Ducky Principal and how to use effective listening techniques in the classroom.
Humans VS Automation
An insight into the importance of human skills.
Careers of the Future
Exploring what new career paths will open up in the future.
Mind Mapping
To understand what mind-mapping is and how it can be used in technical coaching but in other disciplines
Social Skills
We use social skills everyday to interact and communicate with others. Mastering those abilities includes verbal and non-verbal communication, such as speech, gesture, facial expression and body language.
Entrepreneur and Business Owner, Ruth Callaghan
Ruth Callaghan, co-founder of UseLess Shop, gives an insight to running a zero waste and zero plastic shop.
Meeting and Interviewing a Professional Actor
A young student meets and interviews a professional actor to find out about his career.
Self Management
Self-management is a critical workplace and life skill. It is our ability to manage our behaviours, thoughts, and emotions in a conscious and productive way; find out real world examples of how it impacts our students' lives.
Leading a Food and Beverage Shift with Shannon Coleman
Shannon Coleman discusses her role in leading an entire food and beverage shift at the Maldron Hotel in Belfast.
Data Scientist
Being a Data Scientist was voted the number one job in America. But what does the role entail and how does a young person considering a career in this area get started.
Project Managing with Rory Watson
Learning Pool's Project Manager Rory Watson gives an insight into his role and discusses the route he took to get there.
Matthew McAleer, Learning Pool's Academy Manager
Learning Pool's Academy Manager Matthew McAleer discusses his role and the experience and skills that brought him here.
Editing Sports' Stories with Cónán Doherty
Cónán Doherty discusses his work as Editor at SportsJOE and how he's progressed in his career to get to this point.
Clean code
To understand the clean coding habit of simplicity: the KISS Principle and know how to apply it in the classroom
Artistry with Gayle Chong Kwan
What does it mean to be an artist? Gayle Chong Kwan discusses this topic and what informs her job as an artist.
Amy Lowry and being a Technical Analyst
Amy Lowry of Alchemy Technical Services discusses her role as a Technical Analyst and what is required in her role.
Record Engineering and Producing with Caolán Austin
Caolán Austin gives an insight into the route he took to become a Recording Engineer and Producer, including some key aspects of the job.
Musician, Producer, Composer and Artist Ryan Vail
Ryan Vail goes into detail about his journey as a musician and artist, including insight into the different aspects of his career.
Technical Analysis with Jordan Cairns
Jordan Cairns of Alchemy Technical Services discusses his role as a Technical Analyst and how important being able to work together with people is in his role.
Software Development with Dana Doherty
Software Developer Dana Doherty discusses her work at Learning Pool and what a Software Developer in the Next Gen team comprises of.
Student Interview with Dr. Declan Nolan an Aerospace and Mechanical Engineer
A student discusses career pathways with a Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering and research.
Student Interviews Michael Johnston, an Actor
A student finds out what being a professional actor is all about and the performance industry.
Music Entertaining with Rwanda Shaw
Musician Rwanda Shaw discusses her work within the entertainment industry and how she grew her career.
Drone Pilot with Tony Carlin
One of the first Northern Irish people to have gotten his Drone Pilot license, Tony Carlin discusses his work and how he got into this field.
Interviewing Benjamin Donoghue, Games Designer and Creative Director
Game Designer and Creative Director, Benjamin, discusses his skills and career with a student as well as providing advice for students.
Business Information Systems Security
We all have personal information on our devices that we don’t want others to see and data security breaches are on the rise. Companies employ Business information systems or BIS security professionals to take care of this. Understand what a BIS security professional is from a first hand account, find out the median salary, the different roles and what qualities employers will look for.
Coordinating the Marketing and Sales Department at the Titanic Hotel
Louise Denvir discusses her career growth and role now as a Marketing and Sales Coordinator at the Titanic Hotel Belfast .
Radio Producing and Presenting with Steven Rainey
BBC's Steven Rainey discusses being a Radio Presenter and Producer and what is required of this role to ensure effective messaging and communication to the listening audience.
Entrepreneurs: A History
This video focuses on the so-called "Robber Barons" or "Captains of Industry" of the late 19th and early 20th century, including Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, and Henry Ford. How did these men and those like them transform the U.S. economy during the Gilded Age, and what, if any, lessons do their stories have for us today?
What’s the Difference Between Charity and Social Entrepreneurship?
Around the world, millions of people donate to causes every year. But have you ever thought about who benefits and who doesn’t benefit from those donations?
Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
Twelve year old Michael explains how young people are taking action on Global Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
How did one woman's beauty empire change America?
In the early 20th century, most hair products on the market were designed for caucasian hair. So how did one Black female entrepreneur, Madam C.J. Walker show America how business could be done? David Rubenstein answers that question in a fact-filled history minute.
Clara Brown: Pioneering Philanthropist
Clara Brown made history as a founding settler of Central City Colorado. After gaining her freedom from slavery, she became a philanthropic force for good.
Picture Possibilities
As the population grows and land becomes increasingly valuable, for sale signs invite conversations about the possible uses of fields and farms. Decisions about land use impact communities for a long time, so visualizing the future is important. In this video, an orchard is for sale. The children consider possible future uses for this land, visualize three possibilities, and encourage viewers to come up with ideas of their own.
Economic Systems
Explore how economies work by looking at three economic systems: a Market Economy, a Traditional Economy, and a Command Economy.
Discover how taxes contribute to creating and maintaining public goods like schools, parks, and roads, making our communities better places for everyone.
Trade and Growth
Discover how international trade connects countries, promotes economic growth, and spreads innovative technologies for a better world.
Market Structures
Explore how different types of market competition, like Perfect Competition, Oligopoly, and Monopoly, affect the games and products we love,
Imports and Exports
Explore how countries trade goods like maple syrup and cars. Understand the journey of imports and exports and their impact on everyday life.
Explore how specialization helps people and countries focus on specific skills or products, leading to better quality and efficiency, like Germany’s technology and Mexico's food produce.
Characteristics of Money
Explore the essential features of money, from durability to limited supply, that allow it to facilitate the exchange of goods and services effectively.
Explore the concept of scarcity in economics and its profound effects on our daily lives. Learn how businesses, consumers, and governments navigate the challenge of limited resources and unlimited wants.
Explore how the government creates and maintains public goods and services like libraries and playparks that help shape our communities, funded by everyone for everyone's benefit.
Types of Resources
The production of various items involves utilizing natural resources, human skills, and man-made tools, essential not only for making chocolate but also for constructing cities, homes, and manufacturing clothing.
What are Economic Systems?
Different economic systems have been developed to meet the needs and wants of the citizens of a country or society. These systems have distinct advantages and downsides for producers, consumers, and governments.
Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
Short animation explaining UN Sustainable Development Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth for younger students
Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
Short animation explaining UN Sustainable Development Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth for teenage students
Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
Fifteen year old Elissa explains how young people are taking action on Global Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
Why Should I Care About the Economy?
Economies affect all our lives; both positively with people having more money, and negatively when a country enters a recession. By learning more about your economy, you can help safeguard your own future.